“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

When I am not learning about health or health coaching, which are my two greatest passions, I play piano and listen to jazz. My favourite is French jazz singers like Zaz; this music gives me goose bumps, and I am always in for a jazz concert.

Although I’m not French, since I was a young child, I have loved everything French (maybe my mum missed picking the right country when settling with my papa… in the EU). ☺

Curious to know more? …. or just looking for something to read to kill time while bingeing on a kale, broccoli, and a soap opera? Here are 10 Fun Facts about me!

1. I am a living example of a global citizen. I was born in Central Europe, and have lived and worked in Asia, the U.S., and Western Europe. I’ve travelled to Africa many, many times as the red sand during sunset is the most amazing visual effect I can imagine.

2. My tips on health-related preventive interventions will be featured in news programs and magazines like Onions for Immunity, Health Is Your Wealth, Laughing is Your Go-to Drug, and All for Simplicity.

3. Immediately after completing my first masters in psychology, I studied MBA finance at Rochester University.

4. I started playing tennis last year to be able to play with my 7.5-year-old once he is a teen. I have a bit of time and training to make it there.

5. I studied at the Harvard of Health Coaching.

6. I have a healthier and more toned body in my 40s than I had in my late 20s, although I’ve always been sporting. It’s possible for you, too!

7. I read several books at once and bring the knowledge to you. In general, I read all the time except when exercising, sleeping, or writing.

8. My greatest skill after empathy and intuition is combinatorial skills. I combine love, math, logic, and teaching in a structured, logical way filled with AHA moments.

9. I appreciate high-quality, nutritious food because when I grew up a banana was something we could get hold of under the counter at Xmas time – if we were lucky.

10. I used to love driving fast before my son was born. Hence, I live in a country where there’s no speed limit on the highway…so a lot of my examples will come from sport cars.