“Become the person who, when you walk in a room, everyone is blessed.”

Tosha Silver

Are you a busy, successful epic person running between appointments?

Are you stretched thin most days keeping up with family and business commitments?

Are you looking for a single source to inform you about healthy food choices you can create at home and keep you up to date with the latest in nutrition?

Learning about healthy food choices can be overwhelming as you change your eating habits. Creating a healthy eating lifestyle may feel elusive for you! There is a better way by grocery shopping with a different mindset.

Do you believe the lie home cooking takes too long? Do you struggle to create healthy meals? Don’t believe the lies you told yourself for years. Create your new life.

What I can do for you!

I serve you by performing the time-consuming research and study work. I inspire you with well-kept secrets you are not hearing from most health coaches. I share my crispy logic, nuggets of wisdom, peeled and chopped knowledge, and infinite love to help you cherish this life-changing journey and make it as JOYFUL, EMPOWERING, and FUN as it can ever get!

Your commitment

YOU have to dedicate a couple of focused minutes a week, keep going, and never quit to achieve Thriving Health!
It is YOU who embraces the magic in your life, and it is YOU who at the end chooses what goes IN the physical and mental channel and what stays OUTSIDE …more on this later on …. for the insiders. It is YOU who breaks the resistance because it is YOUR LIFE and YOUR UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY.

“It is one thing to study war and another to live the warrior’s life.”
Telemon of Arcadia

Eat with me and benefit from the powerful shift of making conscious gastronomical choices.

Work With Me and Make Your Health Thrive!

If you work with me, you will not be alone, and I will not let you quit until you reach your health goal. I do not let you give up on your health.

Signature one-on-one coaching

I create a completely customized plan for each of my clients by preparing a minimum of 4 hours or more for 1 meeting. Because my services are customized, I only accept a handful of clients at a time. I give you the personal attention you need and deserve to create the healthy lifestyle you crave. We learn about what you and your body need together, and we apply what we learn based on your goals and my knowledge.

“It’s all a test to see if you’re made for it
But best believe it’s your claim on it,
‘Cause you’ve got a destiny with your name on it….
It’s your fight, your glory, your right, your story….”
Spoken Word by Chase and Status (love this song)

How do you start working with me?

When you choose the one-on-one signature coaching we begin with a complimentary How To Thrive Session to uncover the hidden challenges sabotaging your health. During this session, we discuss your major health concerns, go through your health history, and line up an individual plan together for the next 6 months.
After our session, you will have clear vision on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Working with me, we will structure the 6 months ahead of you and focus on preparing meals together and much more….

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